It found a voice. Now it needs a body …

The Wire – Season 4


Waiting for new episodes of 24, Lost and so on? Never mind those! Here’s one of the best series HBO has to offer. The 4th season already premiered on the 10th of September and aired already 2 episodes. One of the most critically acclaimed programs on air, the Peabody Award-winning drama series ‘The Wire’ continues to challenge viewers with a “cop show” unlike anything on television.

Season four of ‘The Wire’ centers on the lives of four young boys as they traverse adolescence in the drug-saturated streets of West Baltimore. The new episodes of the series examine their world through the theme of education, asking viewers to consider the world that awaits these boys, and to consider further the American commitment to equal opportunity.

I cannot recommend this enough, as well as the first tree seasons in case you missed them. An A+ series.


V.A. – Satori


Longing for a nice relaxing compilation? Try this one. Satori consists of mostly ambiental & chill-out tracks. Featured artists are one of the finest out there:Abacus, Vatos Locos, Lunar Sound and others. The whole compilation has an asian feeling to it, making it even more enjoyable. Recommended for an relaxing afternoon.

Ricky Gervais Clip


Does anyone doubt that Ricky Gervais is a great british actor and comedian?¬† Here’s his vision on Hitler interpreting Nietzsches writtings. Recommended !

Unofficial StrarCraft Movie


Once a talented Croatian CGI Artist, and fan of the Starcraft RTS game had a … dream. To gather other talented Starcraft fans from every corner of the globe, beyond the discrimination boundaries of real-life wars, race, or beliefs. Coming together to create a fan-made masterpiece … an Unofficial CGI film of Starcraft.You can read the full story at and even see some early renders of a marine and a hydralisk.

Self Titled


Here’s a nice usage of Flash. The interface is quite different from your all-day menus and navigation bars. It’s simple and fun. The transitions between the item details and the main menu are nicely done. Check it out, it’s something different from all those Flash site flooded with effects and graphics.

Onesize : motion & design


Haven’t seen high quality animation & design for a while? Here something for you. Onesize is a Dutch, Delft based creative studio, founded in 2001, focussing on (motion)graphics, animation, visual effects and direction. The portfolio and demo reel are quite impressive. Check it out for some nice eye-candy.

MTG Online v3


The new Magic – The Gathering Online version is comming closer to it’s release. Scheduled for Q1-Q2 of 2007, the third version already holds a huge number of features. A new interface, improved rules enforcement and a lot more are promised in this new release. Some tech info has been made available: the beta is scheduled to start in January or February, new and improved tournament system, the store will be integrated into the game client and the interface will feature 3D and special effects, but users will be able to turn them off on demand. If you wish to see a small preview of the client, watch the footage posted on Google Videos.